How to Spend Your Saturday at Babes Ride Out x Central Coast 2023

We have the general “what to pack” but wanted to share what to pack for a day based on the routes & experiences. If you are looking for a curated good time on two wheels & want some more in-depth day, look no further.


The Routes

All Babes Ride Out x Central Coast routes are in fact incredible. You cannot go wrong, however, there was one that stood out as one of the most beautiful rides I have ever done…Jalama Mama. Not only do you get to stop and eat at the 805 Brewery, you get the chance to feed giant prehistoric birds (Ostrichland), you get to ride the most gorgeous stretch of road down into Jalama County Beach. I gasped in my helmet as I came over the last ridge and saw nothing but blue pacific waters mixed with untouched California Coast. Here is a preview…but these photos do not do it justice!

The Day at a Glance


7:00AM Wake up, have some coffee and breakfast at camp. Mingle for a bit and settle on the route you’d love to explore for the day. In this case, I will use Jalama Mama as my example as I am obsessed with it & I truly want each rider to be blown away.

9:00AM Kickstands up and gas up at the Mobil next to Cumash Casino, its about 11 miles from camp. I ended up doing the route in reverse and went from here to Ostrichland right away to beat the heat and let the fog have more time to burn off that day + they open @ 9AM so why not?

9:45AM OSTRICHLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These giant “bad boys” as they are called are just beautiful & ready for you to feed them.

10:45: Stopped in Slovang to get a latte. If you are anything like me, I drag ass if I stay up too late the night before (which I did, hugging a box of wine.. that’s right a BOX cause glass isn’t allowed at camp).

12:00PM Lunch 805 Brewery in Buellton

  • Ice cold cerveza and the beer battered fish tacos were incredible!

  • I also stopped there to pick up the latest 805 beer collab pieces!

  • Their menu has great burgers but also vegetarian options + you can’t beat the patio seating outdoors.

1:00PM Head to Jalama Beach to have your mind blown. I’ll let the views speak for themselves! The beach is beautiful and has a great parking lot. Expect to pay $10 per bike (as most beaches require ran by the county) but know there is a little store on site with snacks, beverages, flushing toilets, hot showers (bring your quarters! $1 for 3 min) and ample beach front to enjoy. To be able to dive into that salty blue sea then be able to shower off before you ride back = BEST!

2:30PM pack it up, shower off, and head back to camp for some good times!

What & How to Pack for the Day of Exploring + What to Wear

Packing for the day: I was so grateful I ended up bringing my Exfil 48 Biltwell bag. This baby is seriously one of the most incredible and versatile bags there is. Since I didn’t bring a whole lot, I just wore it as a backpack instead of strapping it down on my bike (which I do when its full of camp gear) and you can use the outside loops to roll in your leather jacket on the back of it (which I love)! In my bag was: