What to Pack for Babes Ride Out x Central Coast

It’s almost time to pack your bag and hit the road to Babes Ride Out Central Coast! If this is your first time moto camping, or its been awhile, we highly suggest giving this “what to pack” a good read.

2-3 Week Prior: Safety

•    Have your bike serviced BEFORE you come to the event. Make sure that baby is tuned up and roadworthy! You are responsible for your own bike to, from, and during the event. 

•    Check your motorcycle insurance (does it have roadside assistance? get familiar with your options before you come) If not, add the $35 100 mile moto towing to your AAA package. It's good for a year and YES, I have had to use mine before and it's saved me a ton of cash. If you bike breaks down, this is like having a guardian angel. We are not responsible for towing your bike or getting you to the event or home after the event. 

•    SAFETY FIRST!  Not sure you are ready for the ride, no worries! Babes Drive Out! You have nothing to prove and car passes can be purchased in advance. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself!

1 Week Prior : Packing Your Bike and Testing Out Your Tie Downs

Packing Suggestions

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Tent

  • Sleeping Pad - this thermal layer will keep you warm and give you a bit of extra comfort. We personally use LOVE Big Agnes sleeping pads and use them.

  • Sleeping Bag + Camp pillow - quality is everything. If you live in Southern Ca, think about investing in a 30 degree style bag. It’s light weight and packs down super small & Big Agnes also carries them. 

  • Eye mask and ear plugs. Trust us! You will never have a more blissful sleep!

  • Headlamp- LED is the best way to go. You’ll need this especially going back and forth between camp & stage area + those late night porto potty trips.

  • Water bottle - We are trying to leave 0 trace! Please bring your own water bottle for mixed drinks, free water re-fills, and tasters!

  • Wet wipes / face wipes - My go to is Burt’s Bees wipes. They will save your life if you remember to use them each night to wipe the dirt off

  • Toiletries + EXTRA toilet paper. It's for your own good. 

  •  Extra fuel (check out Lowbrow Customs fuel canister at $19.95)

  • Clothes for hot AF days and cool nights (HOT TIP! Waterproof compression sacks can fit everything you need and more at a fraction of the space). Toss in a bandanna too. Don't pack too much, clean underwear is key. Pants, shirts, etc can be worn over and over. The weather will be hot then cool so check out Atwyld’s assortment of pants and their new riding jackets!

  • Zip ties

  • A couple of sandwich bags in case it rains and you need to create a waterproof way of carrying your iphone.

  • Battery or AUX phone charger as there is no power sockets available to attendees

  • Multi-tool

  • Tool kit / roll

  • Swimsuit if you plan on hitting the beach + micro fiber towel for showers (they dry super fast and pack down great!) The showers are open concept, so be aware there isn’t privacy so if you aren’t ok with that, bring baby wipes / facewipes and enjoy a hobo bath within your tent. I do it allllll the time on moto campouts and so far, I have survived!

  • Flip flops (super shitty ones for the open space shower)

  • $$ always have cash on you no matter what. A lot of times banks will cut off your card as you nickel and dime your visa at the gas pump or a state park will require a small fee. 

  • $ $ for merch (wait until you see the exclusives we have for you!) 

  • $$ for food trucks & coffee vendor

  • Camera or GoPro

  • Positive mental attitude. Be nice, say hello to your neighbor, and remember, ladies are here for ALL different reasons so respect each other :) 

Friendly reminder that if you have special needs, please do some research on what is around food & accommodation wise to the event.

Packing Your Motorcycle Safely: Packing your moto safety is one of the most important things you will do. We suggest packing everything 1 week prior and doing a shake down ride to ensure nothing is loose or hanging. A  hanging tie down can easily get caught in your wheels and could have dire consequence. 

Hot Tips

  • Keep a print out of directions and emergency #s on you

  • Plan your gas stops (ALWAYS)

  • Give your travel plans to a family member

  • Bring at least $30 in ones. Sometimes beaches and parks have paid parking only.

  • Bring a battery pack to charge phones. My moto has an adapter so I can charge while riding. See if that is an option for you, it changed my life! If not, look into OutdoorTech’s battery chargers. I always bring mine as a back up.

  • Call your bank and let them know you are traveling. When you nickel and dime the gas pump to fill up your moto, banks sometimes think it’s fraud and will cut your card off.

  • HYDRATE! Drink water at every single stop you make and stay hydrated at the event. I drink about a gallon of water a day while at BRO.

  • Create a icloud folder to share your trip among friends! These memories will last a lifetime

Weather: As always, check the weather before you roll