Suggested Riding Routes for Babes Ride Out's "Return to Borrego" from Biltwell

Yeehaw! We are thrilled that Babes Ride Out’s return to Borrego is coming up quick! This sold out “event” is much much much different than anything we’ve done in the past as we’ve taken over an entire hotel + camping “resort” of sorts for this riding focused moto weekend! Below you’ll find the suggested routes + the schedule of events. 
*Stop by our merch booth to grab a Biltwell route map to keep on you during your ride!
Sculpture Tour - 21 miles round trip
Want to see the sites in town then have a chill day @ the pool? We got you! The Sculpture tour is one of our fav’s for a morning rip to see the world famous Galleta Meadows, the Borrego sculptures by Ricardo Breceda then having a casual lunch at Casa de Zorro before heading back for some pool side hangs! Breceda is a local legend and has contributed roughly 130 beautiful statues to the desert floor of Borrego Springs. Make sure to take Russ Brown kickstand puck with you if you plan on stopping for photo ops as the sand is S O F T next to the pavement. Our fav is the 350 ft serpent.
Tail of 2 Grades - 73 miles round trip
For those about to shred, we salute you! A Tail of Two Grades takes you up down & around the most technical grades in southern CA. This is a 10 MPH in some sections kinda windy route with beautiful vistas and jaw dropping views. If you are the type of gal who loves those tight curves and some adrenaline, this may be the route for you! Side note: if banner grade doesn’t make you go “OHHH SHEEEEEEOOTT” then you are a next level shredder!
Slab City Adventure - 179 miles round trip
Slab City.. there is nothing like it! See the land of the unknown, where dwellers come from all over to be apart of the last bit of “free America” and make sure to stop at the local haunts and installations.
The Great 8 - 182 miles round trip
Hands down one hell of a ride (and my absolute FAV!). From desert, to mountain, to pines, to vast desert again, this route is sure to blow your mind!