Sara E. Silverstein is Coming to Babes Ride Out x Central Coast to Take Aura Photos

Sara E. Silverstein (@sarasilverstein) is a dynamic soul who has lived a few lifetimes in this one. After leaving Corporate America to travel the world in 2018 she found a home in Bali where she launched the aura photography business - Inner Light Aura (@innerlightaura). Sara has had the fortune of capturing aura energy all over the world and is excited to reveal your true inner light.

Inner Light Aura is an analog film practice that captures your unique and raw energy through a special camera designed in the 1970’s. The double-exposure photography method reveals your vibrant energy in a technicolour Polaroid within minutes and you also receive an exclusive reading to deepen your connection to yourself and the world around you.

Each Aura Portrait session will consist of you getting your portrait taken with the vintage aura camera, while we wait for your aura to develop we will do an Oracle Card reading which is like little love notes from the universe to you followed by a dramatic aura reveal and then Sara will give a full aura reading for your specific energy. You will leave with your aura portrait and also a helpful colour card that decodes all of the energetic colours.



Sara E. Silverstein will be taking images and doing readings Friday from 12-9pm and Saturday from 2pm-9pm and has created a special sign up link for the event for those hours to ensure you get a spot. Please note these are non refundable.