Tips for Riding Motorcycles in the Rain

If you have never been to the Catskills before, know the weather is entirely unpredictable. If it says its raining on the forecast, it may be clear by day of (or vice versa) you truly never know so prepare for rain, no matter what.   If rain scares you, come in your car or truck and take advantage of the Harley-Davidson free demos (you can ride them ALL). Do what's best for YOU in the situation but know, the trip to and from the event usually rain is involved. It is the Catskills and its that green for a reason but we will say, these down pours (if they happen) pass quickly. Below are some helpful reminders on how to mentally and physically approach "riding in the rain". 

  1. Don’t trust puddles (EVER) Avoid puddles at all costs. These mean a giant pothole that could ruin your day. 
  2. Avoid shiny-smooth surfaces. This usually means oily slick terrain that can cause a wipe out. 
  3. RELAX and remain CALM. Slow down, pull over, just do not panic. If you start to feel that anxiety creep in, pull over in a safe place. 
  4. Prioritize. Let your mind focus on one task at a time, for example: "1. looks like its about to pour / is pouring. 1. I need to pull over immediately and put on  rain gear, great! Rain gear on. 3. Check to ensure everything that's important is protected from getting wet, 4. big breath. Don't try to do all frantically at once, it will cause a mental overload :) 
  5. Breathe. Yep. Go back to a nice steady in and out breath work
  6. Rainbows are awesome...but they mean more rain ahead usually
  7. Give yourself time, space, and grace. Getting to Babes Ride Out is not a race, we will be there waiting for you. Space yourself out from the vehicle in front of you. If riding in a group, extra space so everyone can see the potholes, slick lines, etc. 
  8. Find the driest dry line and stick to it
  9. Make sure you have a rain suit and its easily assessable. 
  10. Orange is the most SEEN color on the road during rain sessions. Look into a riding vest / construction vest. 
  11. Full face helmet with a flip lid (anti fog). We like the Bell Bullitt
  12. Cold  hands = worst! Make sure you have a pair of latex gloves underneath your waterproof gloves.
  13. Gore-Tex socks are super nice......
  14. Ziplocks, bring as many as you think you need + 10 more. 
  15. While at camp, cover your seat with a plastic seat cover to ensure it doesn't get soaked over night.
  16. Don't leave your helmet out, keep in your tent! And when you stop, take it into the gas station with you even if it isn't raining cause you just never know.