Riders with the Harley-Davidson App & Part of the Babes Ride Out Community Group will Have Babes in Deadwood Early Access to Tickets!

Want first access to the Babes in Deadwood event July 11-14th? No problem! Download the Harley-Davidson app and join the Babes Ride Out Community Group. Ticket link with password will be "leaked" there Thursday (3/28) am! Here is how to get the app and find the group :) 

Step 1: Download the Harley-Davidson App & Create a Profile

The Harley-Davidson App for iOS can be downloaded here.

The Harley-Davidson App for Android can be downloaded here.

Not on your phone right now? Click on the "Download App" button below to get a QR code to scan with your phone.

Step 2: Hit CONNECT Icon at Bottom of App

Step 3: Search GROUPS for Babes Ride Out 

  • Join the group

Step 4: Post a Comment & Pic! 

  • Simply tap the orange + circle icon on bottom right to upload your first post. Don't forget to create your profile (add your profile pic, what bike you have etc.)