Download the Harley-Davidson App + Join Babes Ride Out Community for FREE Limited Edition Borrego Towel!

We have such an incredible "gift" for the gals coming to Babes in Borrego! Harley-Davidson created 250 of these amazing towels just for you! All you have to do is download the app, join the Babes Ride Out community page, and leave a comment! When you get to Babes in Borrego, head over to the Harley-Davidson booth and show your phone to them and you'll get this amazing pool towel for FREE! We highly recommend doing this before you get to Borrego as the reception there isn't that great. Here is how: 

Step 1: Download the Harley-Davidson App & Create a Profile

The Harley-Davidson App for iOS can be downloaded here.

The Harley-Davidson App for Android can be downloaded here.

Not on your phone right now? Click on the "Download App" button below to get a QR code to scan with your phone.

Step 2: Hit CONNECT Icon at Bottom of App

Step 3: Search GROUPS for Babes Ride Out 

  • Join the group

Step 4: Post a Comment & Pic! 

  • Simply tap the orange + circle icon on bottom right to upload your first post. Don't forget to create your profile (add your profile pic, what bike you have etc.)

Step 5: YOU DID IT! Time to Collect!

  • During Harley-Davidson's activation times at Babes in Borrego, bring your phone and show their team you have followed above steps and this $40 pool towel is yours! 


Do I have to ride or have a Harley-Davidson to join? Nope! All riders no matter what they ride, can join the Harley-Davidson app. This is truly about connecting community and making it stronger no matter what you ride. 

Can I sign up even thought I'm not going? YES! We will be rolling so much out via the app (cough* early Deadwood registration!) so sign up! 

Would I get the towel if I am not going or forgot to stop by the HD booth during their demo hours while on site? No, this is only for riders who are attending the event in person and collect during HD's demo times.  

I am still struggling with downloading the app, what do I do? No problem, tap this link below!