DJ Ry Toast Returns to Babes Central Coast + Hosting a Stretch Class Each Day!

DJ Ry Toast, our Saturday night headliner, has been a professional DJ & bomb ass yoga teacher for over a decade. She kept her two career paths separate for years, until now. In January 2021 she started Yoga & Mixtapes : yoga classes that she teaches to her own custom mixtapes! It's so fun you don't even know you're doing yoga! Previous mixtapes include: Yoga & Missy, Yoga & Kanye, Yoga & Outkast, Erykah Badu Vs. Lauryn Hill and more! She will be leading class after our Saturday ride (before the dance party!)

This is a great way to give yourself a full body reset after a long day on your bike (all levels welcome)

Stretch class is 4PM on Friday and Saturday in front of the main stage.