Babes Ride Out East Coast 2024 Suggested Route Maps | Downloadable Versions


Half the fun of being a motorcyclist is planning your own adventures. Since Babes Ride Out is a true riding event, camp is pretty vacant from 9 am until 4 pm as ladies rip around the Catskills in search of adventure! We have put together some of the best scenic routes filled with attractions, great food, and gas stations. Since there are no group rides, its 100% the riders to do the following

  • Download directions to each spot (we've provided clickable links) as cell service usually is void in the mountains

  • Grab a Biltwell route map from merch booth to keep on hand

  • Find your own riding buds based on your abilities (make friends ladies! That's why we're here!)

  • If riding in a group or riding with new people, have a riders meeting before you head out to go over safety, abilities, designate a sweep and a lead.

If none of these adventures suite your taste, feel free to research the area and find your own personal adventure. The Catskills are FULL of amazing history and folklore that will keep you busy all day long. And if you do get lost, awesome! That is part of the adventure! Special shout out to Virginia Cagney, for creating and riding these amazing routes for us!

Big Indian Rivers: 143 Miles Roundtrip

Each part of this route mirrors some of the Catskill waterways including the Pepacton Reservoir, the Esopus Creek and the West Branch Neversink River. Hitting Cherry Ridge Wild Forest, and Big Indian Wilderness - you’ll want some good tunes for this ride.

  • Check out the overview and directions HERE

Mountain Mamas: 194 Miles Roundtrip

Being the longest route, Mountain Mamas takes you into the Northern Catskills to see the local ski towns(and a whole lot more!) covered in lush, spring colors. Leave early for this one, and spend some time in the small towns of Roscoe, Windham, Hunter, Phoenicia, Bethel…..

  • Check out the overview and directions HERE

Peace-Love-Motorcycles: 184 Miles Roundtrip

A historical tour of the Catskills, marking the site of Woodstock ’69, and heading north all the way up to the famed Kaaterskill Falls. This route cuts through ravines with twists and turns that we could ride for daze.

  • Check out the overview & directions HERE

The New Jersey Devil: 91 Miles Roundtrip

This option is great for enduros or those who just want a little fun in the dirt, this route brings you down to Old Mine Road, a historical highway along the Delaware River which is amazingly still in use. With dirt offshoots and abandoned farms, this area is one of New Jersey’s hidden secrets. Stay safe, avoid the potholes and don’t get arrested trespassing!

  • Check out the overview & directions HERE

The Threesome: 84 Miles Roundtrip

As our shortest route, this map hits the most states! Heading through “Hawks Nest” in New York, then to the highest point in New Jersey, and back west to Milford, Pennsylvania for some super cute small-town love.

  • Check out the overview & directions HERE